Monday, October 17, 2011

Alberto's Celebration

ALBERTO GOT A JOB OFFER! So we celebrated with a lot of wine and some pretty unhealthy food, and it was delicious! On Friday night we went out to a restaurant called Salum, which I highly suggest for a celebration night.  We started with the mussels and a cup of cream of mushroom soup drizzled with truffle oil.  I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful the soup was, and the truffle oil was like a cherry atop an ice cream sunday.  (For those of you who love cherries.) Personally, not my favorite, but if you have ever had a risotto with either white or black truffle oil you understand where I am coming from.  It adds so much to the soup.  Also, had the mussels, which were a huge hit.  Before we even ordered these we saw at least 7 or 8 plates of them go out, so we knew they had to be good.  Alberto of course had a steak and I had the perch, both of which were good, but I did find a couple bones in my perch.  Not really okay with me, I figure if whole foods and central market can remove all the bones, so can a chef at a 4 or 5 star restaurant. However, it was cooked to perfection, and it had a fabulous flavor.  Ended the dinner with creme brulee, which I don't think you can ever ever ever go wrong with.  Crunchy, caramelized top, cool custard  below, with a hint of pear flavor, I think I could go back just for the mussels and creme brulee. Sorry no pics, it was dark in the restaurant and I'm not a fan of a flash in the middle of my meal.
I do however have pictures from breakfast.  It was a little place down in highland park right next to katy trail.  There were so many people out walking, running, riding bikes, walking their dogs, and not to mention a 60 year old man jumping rope to music, the WHOLE time we were there.  Great people/dog watching here.  And again the food was spectacular, best potatoes I have ever had at a restaurant.  It might have helped that I basically removed potatoes from my life, so I was really excited before even tasting them.  Alberto had eggs benedict for the first time, which he loved of much that he wouldn't even stop eating for me to take a picture!  
If I lived close to this place I physically could not give up potatoes.  I had the omelette provencale.  It has ratatouille vegetables, spinach, and goat cheese, and of course served with those potatoes. I have never eaten a better omelette in my life.   

As good as the food was... my personal highlight was getting to eat next to a black and white Newfoundland.  He was HUGE and so precious.  Big droppy eyes, and slobber everywhere.  This couple also had a sweet baby boy, and I wondered who got more attention the dog or the baby.  It was a pretty tight race throughout brunch, but I think the dog won. 
And yes, we both ate everything! We didn't eat again until that night, so that makes me feel a little better about ingesting so much food. 
Then Alberto and I proceeded to eat a huge Sunday dinner with my parents.  Rack of lamb, green beans, herb/feta bread, couscous, and a small spinach and arugula salad dressed with the best blood orange olive oil.  Then for dessert there was cheesecake, one of Alberto's favorites.  There may or may not have been a couple bottles of wine taken care of as well.  But hey it was a celebration of Alberto's first job offer! And he hasn't even graduated yet! Congrats boyfriend. Here are a couple photos from the night.  

Saturday, June 11, 2011

the triple dresser before and after

Proyecto Numero Uno:
The triple dresser, may have been too big of an undertaking for a first timer...but I took the chance.  Found the dresser on Craigslist and wanted it because of the legs.  I am SO in love with legs lately, and the lift they give a piece.  I only have una fotografia of the original piece and as you can see SUPER shiny, and as you probably can barely see, some rockin gold pulls.  Etta was in love already. She saw the potential too.

My mom had this HUGE sander which as it turns out was too heavy for me and uncontrollable.  Nearly lost a couple layers of skin.  So I found this 8+ year old sander in our shed that took triple the amount of time to sand, but no blood shed.  I had found a winner...or so I thought.  Anywho, the whole project took me oooooooo about 6 hours to sand.  So I'm thinking a new sander is in order for Proyecto Numero Dos.  

Never underestimate the necessity of a sander...a good one!

So I asked the bf which he would prefer, a yellow dresser or this beautiful blueish teal that I found from Martha Stewart's paint.  (You can tell which one I wanted)  BIG surprise, he chose yellow.  ALRIGHT...  yellow it is.
As I got further and further along in the project I kept feeling like it was looking more and more like a craft project gone horribly wrong.  I continued with the original idea, and it might be craft project gone wrong to some, but to me it is definitely something I am proud of as my first project.

I didn't really want to buy new pulls, and my neighbor had always talked about spray painting everything.  Light switch covers, outlet covers, pulls, door knobs, everything.  So instead of buying 9 $2.99-$4.99 pulls, I bought spray paint which is supposed to look like hammered metal.  And you know, I think it does.  Anything was better then the gold.

So here we go without further ado the final product of a weeks worth of work, and a weeks worth of trying to keep Etta away from the wet paint...

Etta still loves it.