Saturday, June 11, 2011

the triple dresser before and after

Proyecto Numero Uno:
The triple dresser, may have been too big of an undertaking for a first timer...but I took the chance.  Found the dresser on Craigslist and wanted it because of the legs.  I am SO in love with legs lately, and the lift they give a piece.  I only have una fotografia of the original piece and as you can see SUPER shiny, and as you probably can barely see, some rockin gold pulls.  Etta was in love already. She saw the potential too.

My mom had this HUGE sander which as it turns out was too heavy for me and uncontrollable.  Nearly lost a couple layers of skin.  So I found this 8+ year old sander in our shed that took triple the amount of time to sand, but no blood shed.  I had found a winner...or so I thought.  Anywho, the whole project took me oooooooo about 6 hours to sand.  So I'm thinking a new sander is in order for Proyecto Numero Dos.  

Never underestimate the necessity of a sander...a good one!

So I asked the bf which he would prefer, a yellow dresser or this beautiful blueish teal that I found from Martha Stewart's paint.  (You can tell which one I wanted)  BIG surprise, he chose yellow.  ALRIGHT...  yellow it is.
As I got further and further along in the project I kept feeling like it was looking more and more like a craft project gone horribly wrong.  I continued with the original idea, and it might be craft project gone wrong to some, but to me it is definitely something I am proud of as my first project.

I didn't really want to buy new pulls, and my neighbor had always talked about spray painting everything.  Light switch covers, outlet covers, pulls, door knobs, everything.  So instead of buying 9 $2.99-$4.99 pulls, I bought spray paint which is supposed to look like hammered metal.  And you know, I think it does.  Anything was better then the gold.

So here we go without further ado the final product of a weeks worth of work, and a weeks worth of trying to keep Etta away from the wet paint...

Etta still loves it.  

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  1. This looks great!! Nice work - love the wall decor too - and the beautiful cat :)