Friday, July 27, 2012

friday's letters

Dear Gillian,
Don't get discouraged. You will find a job, not just a job, but a job you love.

p.s. You are so not timid.  Nor are you afraid of technology!

Dear Companies I want to work for,
I know I don't have experience in the recruiting field, but most of the positions you are posting are "entry level" positions, right?  How else do I gain experience? I have worked a front line position for some time now.  I was always informative along with professional and gracious in high stress situations.  I am organized, detail oriented, an amazing multi-tasker, and most importantly beyond ready to learn.  And the thing is, if I am applying to your company, I have done my research, I believe in your mission, I am attracted to your company culture, and I want to be a part of what your company does. Please consider me, and in the mean time I will do my best to find you at career fairs. Thanks, hope to hear from you soon!

Dear Wok,
I adore you and how you cook my veggies.
Dear Boyfriend, 
Thank you, and I love you. 

Dear Parents, 
I am ok, struggling, but ok.  I am also still pretty happy. 

Dear California drivers, 
You are, in fact, worse than Texas drivers.  Who would have thought that was possible? It's like you have no end goal, and many of you are truly confused on the subject of yielding.  I will work on my patience, if you promise to do better. Oh yea, and EVERYONE knows that lane ends, quit acting confused. I literally moved here a hot minute ago and I know the lane ends.

Dear Etta and Tonks,
Thank you for the endless cuddle sessions while I am working on my computer.  You two are a lovely distraction at times.  Not to mention excellent listeners when I practice my spanish.
Dear Summer Olympics, 
I am so excited you are here.  I trust you will provide me with endless amounts of entertainment, well for the next couple weeks at least.  

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


  1. Just found you through the link up, and I loved your letters! The job thing was very frustrating for me as a first year teacher last year. I encountered the same problem, school's wanted me to have experience, but they wouldn't hire me, so I couldn't get experience. Argh! I did end up finding a wonderful job, so hang in there!!!

    Also, Virginia drivers are pretty terrible too. I laughed at the lane comment because they do the same thing. You take the same commute everyday, figure it out!!!

    Feel free to visit me @

    1. Hi Steph! Thanks for the comment and encouragement!
      I'll be following you, in the least creepy way possible!

  2. Gillian, I love your new blog! Can't wait to come and visit you out there! And I'm about to go through the same job search process that you are dealing with right now, not fun, but you have some great ideas on here so I hope you don't get discouraged by it all! Ok I'll be emailing you soon about my trip details so we can see when we can meet up in September