Thursday, July 26, 2012

link up?

Today I learned something new about blogging! It's day three and I am already doing a link up.  I feel so cool.  Erin of Living in Yellow started this little gem.  You take your age and list something you want to do within the year for every year of your life.  This shouldn't be too hard, I am new to California and currently unemployed.
1.   Find my dream job. Honestly, I have found a couple that could be my dream job and I am patiently
      waiting out the appropriate week or two weeks before I call for a status check.  
2.   Be able to hold a 5 minute conversation with boyfriend in Spanish.
3.   Start consistently climbing 3 times a week, so my back/arms can once again look like this...

4.   Climb a 5.9.
5.   Run a 5k with boyfriend.  We just started running again, so this should happen in 6 weeks or so!
6.   Succeed at toilet training my cats. They are doing so well, that I might post a video soon!
7.   Hike in Muir Woods.
8.   Learn all the different neighborhoods of San Francisco and pick a favorite.  Challenge being to pick a favorite.
9.   Go to LA
10. Attempt to wrap my arms around a redwood tree.
11. Find the best tacos in the bay area.
12. Learn to control my anxiety.
13. Make my first California friend.
14. Wine tasting in Sonoma, yum wine. :)
15. Shop at my local farmers market every Saturday.
16. Cook something new at least once a week.
17. Go to the San Diego Zoo.
18. Take a CIS class.
19. See how many outfits I can make out of the clothes in my closet, take a picture of each one, and
      save it for my uncreative days.
20. Buy a crappy and gross piece of furniture off craigslist, fix it up and sell it for a profit.
21. Grow my hair out another 6 inches, and eventually half way down my back.
22. Learn to love all the bad.
23. Learn to sew.
24. Pay off one of my student loans.
25. Go to the happiest place on earth, Disneyland.

Well, that was fun.  Now as promised, COOKIES.  I made these with whole wheat white flour because it was all I had in my house.  I did not use as much white sugar and I added a wee bit of honey.  They are delish!


  1. If I can be a part of a few things on that list, would love to!

  2. Gillian! Love your blog! Been doing a bucket list this year myself, thanks to a recent read "The Art of Non-Conformity, by Chris Guillebeau. Also as someone who moves all the time, I find it takes a solid year to get settled- this sounds discouraging but it isn't! You just have to find your peeps! :)

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Crystal, and thanks so much for reading.