Friday, September 14, 2012

friday's letters

Dear Glee,
I am so glad you are back! that you are on Thursdays you conflict with my Project Runway. Don't worry, you win.  I'll watch PR on Friday.

Dear Mascara,
You truly are wonderful.  I know I pick and choose my days to use you, but when those make up days come around you treat me like a princess.
Dear Dublin Public Library, 
I know I owe you a lot of money in fines, but the cost of my spanish lessons are priceless...when I remember to do them.

Dear Stacy @ Just Breathe
Your shout out made me tear up a bit.  I have looked into culinary school and it's not financially impossible, but it would definitely be financially stupid right now.  I am thinking in two or three years it will be back on the table. (Punn not intended) I will keep you updated. I do love to cook, and as my friend said the other day, "Gillian, it's not normal for someone to want/feel the need to cook something everyday." In the mean time, I should probably start cooking lower calorie stuff, I am going to start gaining some weight soon... One or two of these food photos are not 100% mine.  I got my skills from somewhere, thanks mom! 

Dear boyfriend and readers, 
Please forgive me for shopping yesterday! I just got three things, all of which I felt were necessary for my winter wardrobe.  A white cable knit sweater, a basic white button down shirt, and a bright orange skirt, that I already made like 8 outfits with.  Here is one of them! And yes, it does have pockets, so it's not only cute, it's totally functional.



  1. your pictures make me so hungry.....................

  2. wow i need to get that mascara!

    Following you now! Happy Friday!! Stop by and say hello! :)