Wednesday, September 19, 2012

wonderful wednesday

Ugh, lately I have been loving/wanting way too much.  Number one on my list of loves are these black boots from Steve Madden.  The thing is, I own one pair of suede black boots, and now living in SF, suede just will not do! Plus, how cool are these?
I own one polka dot top (it doesn't seem to be enough) that my mother made me get back in high school, and boy am I thankful she did! But now I just want more, sweaters, scarves, and skirts all in polka dots! Sweaters and skirt from J.Crew and the scarf is from Old Navy. 

I started watching Dawson's Creek for the first time.  My parents did not let me watch it when I was younger, and definitely for good reason.  This show is a bit ridiculous (yes, I am still watching it).  I never knew anyone at 15 who talked/acted/solved problems like these kiddos.  Also, having sex at 15 is not what I want my future kids to be watching on tv.  Thanks mom and dad for keeping me a prude/young for as long as possible, I really appreciate it. Seriously, thank you.  


  1. I love, love, love polka dot sweaters. I definitely need to go get me some.

    Stopping by from WW link party to say hi.

  2. the boots on the right are my favorite!