Thursday, September 6, 2012


So I kept something from you all on my weekend update post.  Saturday morning I woke up crying.  Not I woke up, felt sad, then cried, I legitimately woke up with a wet pillow and tears streaming down my face. I was beyond home sick.  Boyfriend and I had made plans to go out that day, so I had to forget it and move on quick.  Then he realized he lost his debit card, so I had some extra time.  :)
You know how Jersey Shore does Sunday dinner? Well, we did that with my parents every Sunday.  I was comfortable with our work out schedule, and our climbing gym.  Everything was easy.  I had friends to hang out with, even though my bff lived three hours away (TX), we would facetime and chat pretty often.  Plus, it was really easy to hop in a car and go visit her, now that I am here (CA), states away, I realize I didn't take advantage of her and her husband's hospitality enough.  I should have visited more. And now, to top it all off she is pregnant, and I just feel like I am missing a really important/wonderful beginning of a new part in her life.    We still facetime, and I get to see her baby belly grow, but I think I would have invited myself over once a month if I was still in Tx.  Not to mention I would have been there the moment (within 3 hours) she let me know that baby boy was on his way.  Now, it's kind of up in the air.
I don't have a job yet, and the whole changing industry thing is kind of a slap in the face.  Not all companies necessarily want experience, but they all prefer it, or at least a college degree having something to do with the job.  And to be honest I think my resume kind of screams sales job, which was actually the last thing on my to do list everyday.  I have thru the month of September to be slightly picky before I just go for anything and everything I could possibly qualify for.
My parents are coming to visit the end of September, which is something to look forward to, but boyfriend and I started discussing Christmas plans today, and we don't have any.  His family is in El Paso, mine is in Dallas.  We have never spent Christmas together, and this year we might have to.  Not in a bad way, but in a pick a family way, or we stay here on our own.  I really hate these options.  If we were in TX we would be seeing both families together for the holidays.    
I should probably be done complaining today.  Thanks for your ears!

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