Tuesday, August 14, 2012

best tacos ever

Sunday we bopped into the city to meet some friends for the best tacos in SF.  Now, I don't know about best tacos ever because I haven't tried all tacos everywhere, BUT they were the best tacos I have ever had.  I know boyfriend liked them too, because he downed NINE tacos.  Al pastor was my favorite and boyfriend loved the tripe.  (<-- YUCK) This place is a total dive.  There may or may not have been a bird inside eating old food off of one of the tables. Anyways, just as you walk in the door there is a cart to  your left.  That's where you get your food.  If you keep walking there is a nice big menu and they do burritos, tamales, etc.  But from all the reviews on Yelp, that second menu isn't really worth it.  And when you are buying amazing tacos at $1.50 a pop, why even look at the menu?

After lunch we walked down Balmy Street, and it was just mural after mural.  They were all really beautiful, and I am excited to find more streets like this throughout SF.  
Eventually we found our way to this nice little bar where we each enjoyed a beer while sitting outside.  Before parting from our friends, they dropped us off at Dolores Park, and unfortunately we only had about 15 minutes to spare here before we headed back to BART.  It has one of the best views of SF, and there are tons of young people here laying out, picnicking, drinking, and napping.  This is now on our list for a lazy Sunday.  

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