Friday, August 3, 2012

friday's letters

Dear Job Hunt, 
Let's go, quit fighting me and let's just go with the flow, yoga style.

Dear Gillian,
So what if you made a decently large mistake?  Learn from it, get over it, and move on.

Dear Evan,
I am sad you have gone back to China, the house is quite lonely without you.

Dear Train Game,
I have no idea what boyfriend and I would do without you to play at night.  Oh, and sorry for always calling you train game as opposed to your real name, Ticket to Ride.

Dear People Not Playing Ticket to Ride,
What are you thinking? Seriously?? Seriously??? Get this game now.  Either the real life version, the ipad/iphone app, or I am pretty sure you can play on your computer... Boyfriend and I have it on our ipads, and we can play each other thru the wifi.  It's pretty amazing.

Dear Etta (my cat),
Just because you proudly pooped in the toilet does not mean you can turn around and pee in my laundry basket.  This makes accident number 4 in the toilet training madness.  Please no more.

Dear Laundry Basket,
Thank you for containing everything Etta gave to you so I didn't have to clean my carpet. I am sorry, but I still have to throw you away.

Dear Tiny Tonks (my other cat),
Thanks for no accidents! YAHOO! I know I am not supposed to say it, but you might be my favorite.

Dear Dream Job,
Are you close? I am patiently waiting while I frantically search for you.



  1. Ha! Dear Laundry Basket, is my favorite :)

  2. haha i need to tell the job hunt the same thing!

    have a great Sunday! drop by and say hi!