Monday, August 20, 2012


I think I made my first California friend! I don't want to jinx anything, but I am super hopeful.  AND we all took a picture together, so I think it's for real.  Boyfriend's work threw a picnic type thing on Friday where everything was free.  Food, beer, cotton candy, beer, kettle corn, a super cute photo booth, and beer.  This was where I met a couple of boyfriend's coworkers, and their girlfriends, and how we got invited out on Saturday. We started Saturday in Oakland eating the best tacos ever.  Yea, I said it, the best tacos ever.  I had four five tacos, and even though I wasn't at all hungry anymore I think I could have eaten more. Chorizo, al pastor, pescado, pollo, carnita, all amazing, and if you are the adventurous type they also have things like cow head, cow tongue, and cow stomach.  I dont think I could ever have too many of these tacos. Boyfriend and I will definitely be heading back to this place.  
We then moved on to a distillery tour and tasting at St. George Spirits in Alameda.  Tour wasn't my favorite, but really what's new with that? I did appreciate our tour guide's energy though, along with making jokes she made the tour semi-interesting for me. I just wanted to taste, and taste we did!  The infused vodkas were my favorite, mostly the kaffir lime or mandarin orange.  I don't think I could decide.  The raspberry liqueur was delicious as well.  Boyfriend's favorite was of course the absinthe, and he came home with a small bottle.  I do wish some of the pictures were better...

As of Sunday afternoon I had TWO NEW FOLLOWERS! Now, that's probably not a big deal to many of you but it's a huge deal to me! Bonus, they both have super cute blogs, so more fun reading! :) 
Be sure to check out Ameryn and Lauren.  Hope your weekends were all as fun filled as mine!!

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  1. This blog post made me so happy! Yay for Ameryn & lauren and for new friends!!! Love the outfit :)