Tuesday, August 28, 2012

i danced...

Well, I think I could have slept past 11 am this morning, but boyfriend missed his bus---so I had to take him to work.  This weekend I was completely out of my comfort zone, and it was fabulous.  First of all, I hate flying, and I sadly have to take xanax to get thru a flight.  And the trip was mainly about boyfriend's interests, not mine.  However, in the spare time we had he made sure we did exactly what I wanted to do. Which was touristy crap, Pink's and Hollywood Blvd.  We waited in line @ Pink's for at least 45 minutes, but it was well worth the wait.  Everything was amazing, and we couldn't finish all the food, it was so much!!
The hotel was pretty slinky/gross/oogey, and they messed up a lot, which got us free room service Sunday morning and $50 for the party on Sunday.  

Boyfriend listens to Deep House/Tech House/Indie Dance music (whatever all that means), and as you all know from my previous tv post, music isn't in my heart.  But as the loving and supportive girlfriend that I am, I stepped out of my comfort zone and danced.  There were actually two parties this weekend, one Saturday night from 10pm-4am, and then Sunday from 1pm-8pm.  I was not in attendance Saturday night for three four reasons:

1. I knew I wouldn't make it all day Sunday if I went. 
2. I might make boyfriend leave early. 
3. Going out after eating Pinks was not going to be a smart move for me. 
4. It was going to be WAY too intense for me.

I was in attendance all day Sunday, and we actually had so much fun that we forgot to eat until 8pm that night.  We didn't forget to drink though! Lots and lots of water mojitos.... just kidding, we did have plenty of water, and mojitos.
Sunday's line up: Droog, Richy Ahmed, Jamie Jones, Lee Foss
these are water beds
We did eventually work our way to the very front of the group.  I am not going to lie, this takes a lot of smiling and some superior dance skills (it was good boyfriend was with me.)  Plus you run into your random mean girl every so often. I was actually told/yelled at that I was so NOT ready to party. I continued to dance my way to the front, next to her friends. This kind of a party is not about judging, it's about enjoying the people, music, and your environment.  Goodness, we are in downtown LA on a roof, could it get any better? You are in a huge crowd of people dancing, and you are probably going to get bumped, get over it.  Eventually, we were in a friendly atmosphere, and the mean girl just had to get over me being near her.  Her friends were not the least bit bothered by me or boyfriend. 
Everyone behind us
Jamie Jones and Lee Foss
This girl had some awesome dance skills, and I was pretty jealous.

All in all, it was a really fun weekend, and we do need to go back with more time on our hands for sight seeing and eating.  If you have any L.A. tips let me know, so I can start planning round two! 

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