Friday, August 17, 2012

friday's letters

Dear Etta & Tonks,
I would appreciate not being woken up every morning by your sad little meows and paws under the door.

Dear Elena and Gunner (Project Runway),
I really dislike both of you, and I would like you both to quit the competition.  You are ruining the show for me.

Dear Closet,
Thanks for being so inspiring this week.  And I am sorry for never thinking you are enough.  You are definitely enough.

Dear shorts/tights fans who commented yesterday,
THANK YOU! Depending on the weather in the city this weekend, I might be wearing that outfit because of you!

Dear Cupcake Friday,
I am making your neapolitan cupcakes today, and I am extremely excited about it.  Your shiner bock carrot cupcakes are absolutely to die for, and I know these will be just as good.  Check out their etsy shop here, and buy a recipe! They are all melt in your mouth good.



  1. haha i stopped watching PR a few seasons ago when they kept eliminating the good designers.

    i want to steal all your clothes/outfits--adorable!!!

    cute blog you have!

  2. I'm not ready to give up hot August yet, but I'm all for boots and leggings = <3