Friday, August 10, 2012

friday's letters

Dear Jimmy Fallon,
I love you.  Your awkward and quirky personality is my favorite.  And to this day I refuse to listen/watch any other version of this terrible song.  You made it better.  It's Friday!
ps the bee keeper is always my favorite, he should have been more involved.

Dear boyfriend,
Thanks for finding those job listings last night! All three of those companies would be amazing to work for, and I already sent in my resume and cover letters to all three! Cross your fingers.

Dear taco place in SF,
Don't let us down on Sunday.  Please.  I am in desperate need of a good taco, and I know boyfriend is too.

Dear Greys Anatomy,
I apologize for ignoring you all these years, you are a fantastic show, but I really need you to quit taking over my life.

Dear Sarah,
I miss you and your BABY BOY!!! :) Can Anthony feel the kicks yet? Chat this weekend? Love you.

Dear Tadeo,
Your weekly and sometimes daily texts keep my spirits up.  Thanks for always making me laugh.

Dear me,
Go shower, you just worked out (YAHOO ME) and you stink.


1 comment:

  1. dear g,
    i miss you too!
    video chat tomorrow????
    he kicks a LOT. and yes you can feel him outside my belly now!
    and yes, you probably should shower. it is a good habit to have.