Wednesday, August 1, 2012

nothing tastes as good as skinny feels?

Everytime I go on Pinterest I am bombarded with thinspiration.  Photos of ridiculously fit girls leading to blogs of how they did it.  Naturally as a woman I click on it to see if there is anything new or groundbreaking about what this girl is doing, and of course there never is.  But I still click on it anyway.  After clicking on the thinspiration I start to feel a bit inadequate. Why do I insist on clicking on this stuff? I know I will never look like these girls, for one it's not in my genes in the leg/butt department, and most importantly, I don't want to.  I don't want to give up certain foods, nor do I want to give up workouts I enjoy for workouts I hate.  My happiness and confidence doesn't and shouldn't come from my body.
I was seeing a counselor for quite some time and there are many things I have taken from our sessions I still use to this day.  One of them is looking at myself in the mirror every morning and smiling.  I know it sounds ridiculous, and you feel strange doing this, but it makes you laugh.  And instantly the chemicals in your brain change.  I feel a huge difference on the days I forget to do this.  Now imagine looking at yourself in the mirror and telling yourself that you are smart, strong, and beautiful, or even just telling yourself what a great day it's going to be.  It's a huge confidence booster.
Everyone has bad days, when their "flaws" feel larger than life, thats when doing the mirror thing is most important.  Have confidence in who you are not just your body.
I am a smart and strong girl, who has a passion for food (kitties too!), and I believe everything in moderation is best for me.  Try and figure out what's best for you, not what society says is best.
Here are a couple photos of things that have assisted in my happiness recently. :)  
our first meal together at pier 39
love these movies 
my parents
our apartment hunting trip

the breakfast club in arizona
self explanatory

evan visiting round one

green pants

evan visiting round two
best roasted eggplant sandwich ever

my first time to eat duck, and it was amazing
trip to the museum of modern art

meeting one of my most favorite chefs
ice cream at the dairy

my etta


  1. I 100% agree with everything you said! And I absolutely LOVE those green skinny jeans :)

    1. Super sale at Anthro! They were like $22, and they are cords. So I actually can't wear them as often as I would like, but I LOVE them.