Tuesday, August 7, 2012

greys anatomy stole my monday

Seriously, before I knew it it was 3pm and I was on season 2 of Greys Anatomy.  Completely wasted a day.  

Weekend Update: I spent my Saturday catching up with some family I haven't seen in years! We had a delicious brunch and then of course headed over to the farmers market to pick up our groceries for the week.  Saturday night boyfriend and I moved the mattress into the living room to watch movies all night.  And by all night I mean asleep my midnight.  Sunday I went to my first "meet up" and played volleyball with this in the background.  Really? I live here? This is pretty amazing.

Monday: oops.

Well, now it's Tuesday and I am back to my lists and job hunt. AND I started my morning off right.  A bit of green smoothie, and a bit of Bridesmaids.  It's always good to start your day with a giggle and something that tastes amazing.  What kind of a name is Stove? Are you an appliance?

The List
One hour of spanish.
Jillian Michaels 30 day shred.
Read boyfriends pamphlet from the tech expo I should have gone to.
Find two other companies to love. 
Find stir fry recipe for dinner.  LOVE MY WOK


  1. Tell me about this "meet up" ??

  2. Replies
    1. Volleyball was great! Met a couple people and will hopefully join a league team soon. Plus it was 72 degrees out with a nice breeze, it was lovely.