Thursday, August 9, 2012

one topic?

One topic per blog just isn't enough for me. I have a few today...

As you all know, I don't have a job.  This means I have not been shopping.  And for those of you who know me really well, you know how difficult of a time I am having with this.  No more clothes, shoes, bags, not even socks.  So lately I have been dreaming a lot on my Pinterest board.  Feel free to check it out and dream yourself, or buy for me! Just kidding.  Or am I? I dream a lot about clothes, so if we have similar styles, please by all means follow me!

I am now on season four of Greys.  Don't judge me.

Hump day didn't go so well for me.  Here's to Thursday and Thursday's list! You know, I used to hate lists, and believe me I have had my fair share.  You can ask my mom, she left one for Evan and I every Saturday, and if we were lucky we got a couple during the week. I have now learned to love the list.  It gives me purpose when I feel I don't have one.  
work out
costco trip
watch tv in spanish for one hour
slow cooker meal
finish my book (i got my dream job, so can you)

It's almost Friday! Boyfriend and I plan on checking out what we hear is the best taco place in the bay area.  If it's true then I can cross something off my list, 25 in 25.  Feel free to check out that post here!  

Last but not least, my networking friend Stacy, got engaged last week.  We have hung out twice in real life, but always kept up thru facebook and now thru blogging.  I don't really know the boy, but I feel as though I know Stacy pretty well, and he got quite the catch.  Check out their ridiculously sweet and fairy tale love story here, and their engagement story/pics here (you did good Chris!).  Congrats Stacy! 

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  1. awwwwww Gillian!! That was super sweet, thank you. So weird to think that we've only hung out twice. Haha, it's like they always say. When you know, you know. ;-)

    Watching TV in Spanish for an hour is such a good idea. Hopefully it's not one of those dreaded soap operas though. I'm looking forward to hearing about these bay area tacos... Happy almost weekend!